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Charles W. Beatty, Jr., MA, FAAA, Audiologist & Owner

Charles is a second generation Audiologist/Hearing Instrument Specialist who is himself hearing impaired. For over 40 years he has worn hearing aids and helped those with hearing loss enjoy a fuller life through the use of technology.  His Masters’ Thesis topic involved research into the causes and solutions for tinnitus, and since 1981 he has been providing Tinnitus solutions to his patients.  In addition to Audiological testing and fitting hearing aids, he helped design and manufacture infrared and personal assistive listening devices, and amplified telephones through Audex, a company he founded with his father in 1981.  Mr. Beatty has been considered a leading authority and pioneer in the field of Assistive Listening Technology.  He has been a frequent guest lecturer at national and state hearing industry trade events, hearing impaired groups, and training seminars and continuing education programs for audiologists and hearing instrument specialists.  Mr. Beatty’s vast experience in the fields of audiology and his experience wearing hearing aids gives him a unique insight into the needs of people with hearing loss.  For him, wearing hearing aids and adjusting them for best results is not an abstract exercise – it is a personal experience.


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